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Our History

The Anderson brothers founded Skilcraft Sheet Metal, Inc. in Burlington, Kentucky in 1965. Trading on the Andersons' expertise in welding and polishing, the steel fabrication company’s initial success came from making stainless-steel kitchen equipment. Today, Skilcraft is one of the leading sheet metal fabrication companies in the region, serving a broad range of industries and OEM markets.

In June of 2004, Skilcraft LLC, an equity group headed by Jay Vierling of AEV Capital, purchased Skilcraft Sheet metal, Inc. With an infusion of new capital, tooling, automation and training, Skilcraft’s capabilities were strengthened. Through manufacturing investment and resources, the company’s strategic position was enhanced as a world-class contract manufacturer and provider of precision sheet metal fabrication services.

Who We Are Today

At Skilcraft, we still pride ourselves on being a pioneer in the rapidly changing world of manufacturing for OEMs. Through testing and early adoption of new technologies, we are not only leaders in precision sheet metal fabrication, but have become a trusted provider of value-added manufacturing solutions. This heritage of innovation continues today with transformation to CNC laser cutting technology, from single prototype manufacturing to high volume production. The installation of Skilcraft’s Salvagnini Flexible Punching, Shearing and Forming Cell takes the operation to another level of automation that will contribute even more to the success of our customers.

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