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Skilcraft Capabilities

Automated Sheet Metal Fabrication

Skilcraft is capable of producing fabrications up to 3/16 inch in thickness (in a variety of alloys). Our facility integrates a complete line of standard fabricating equipment including the latest laser cutting systems, CNC punching and fabrication, press brakes, bending, welding and more.

Salvagnini Flexible Shearing, Punching and Forming Cell

  • Integrated Punching Shearing Bending
  • Automatic sheet handling
  • Salvagnini Complete Cell
  • Maximum – 110” x 60” x 11 gage
  • Accurate every time

Salvagnini’s fabrication cell automates the entire panel production process including sheet storage and loading, punching, shearing, bending and unloading of the completed part. Your job can be setup in minutes for a high production run, enabling JIT and even low-volume runs to give you outsourcing flexibility.



Skilcraft employs two sheet metal shears:

  1. CNC Mechanical Squaring Shear with front and rear CNC gage stops to tackle even the most difficult shearing applications with CNC accuracy.
  2. Stand-alone Mechanical Squaring Shear with mechanical back gage.
    • Mild Steel             3/16"
    • Stainless Steel       1/8"

Turret Punching

CNC sheet metal punching is a critical part of Skilcraft's manufacturing process. When punching is required to produce an item, it is assigned to one of  our high production Turret Punching Presses that punch high quality parts in materials up to 3/16" in thickness.

TonnageModelTurret Stations
33 TonVectrum 3005/X44 with (4) Auto Indexing
45 TonMagnum 500052 with (2) Auto Indexing


6-Axis Press Brake

Sheet metal panels can be bent and formed with our (6) axis CNC Press Brakes at Skilcraft. These Press Brakes allow minimal setup and handling of even the most challenging and complex parts – with consistent quality and accuracy every time.

  • 24 gage Aluminum, Mild Steel and Stainless Steel up to120 inches in length.
  • 1/4 inch plate of any material, up to 120 inches in length.

Skilcraft also has an extensive assortment of common and special purpose dies on hand which eliminate the additional cost of expensive tooling in most instances.

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