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Skilcraft Capabilities

Laser Cutting Services

Customers Reap the Benefits from Skilcraft's Pioneering Work in Laser Applications. Customers have come to us due to our knowledge for parts that require high repeatable precision, low recast, flatness requirements and high edge quality. It’s not just about nesting and cutting a part at Skilcraft!

  • Bed – 84” x 168”
  • Specialize in laser cutting of SS/CS/AL
  • Tolerance +/- .003”
  • Cutting with nitrogen for clean edges
  • 4 Lasers

Skilcraft laser cutting services incorporate CO2 Lasers, including a Trumpf laser L3040 cutting system that can handle sheet steel up to 3/4” thick with an X Y work range of 120” by 60” in a continuous manufacturing cycle. With 4000 watts of power and positioning speeds reaching 5,905 inches per minute, these precision laser cutters still hold repeatability of +/- .001” under most conditions.

Complementing the L3040 is a Trumpf laser L4030 cutting system, and a pair of CL-707’s. These workhorses deliver the same high quality finished parts our customers have come to expect over the years.

We apply our laser cutting services to a broad range of materials, including laser cutting of steel, tool steel, stainless, inconnel, and aluminum.

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