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Skilcraft Capabilities

Robotic Welding

BAFCO Robotic Welding

Skilcraft's Robotic Welding Systems

  • 5 - 5,000 pieces
  • 72” x 36”
  • TIG and MIG Welding
  • SS/CS/AL
  • 8 manual welding stations
  • Tight Tolerances
  • Quality – finished appearance


Perfect welds every time

Skilcraft’s engineering group and welding team have developed techniques implemented in the cutting of the weldment parts that ensure minimal excess welding, maintain high tolerance weldments, and also ensure high quality weld penetration. For customers that have high weld quality requirements for strength and certification along with a high finish requirement our welding capabilities do both.

Our robotic welding equipment not only welds parts in half the time, but also leaves behind a beautiful, uniform quality weld seam that enhances the look and durability of your fabricated products. With this automated fabrication investment, Skilcraft LLC has significantly higher welding capacity than ever before. Welding robots directly benefit your bottom line when sourcing precision-welded products.

Consistent Quality and Repeatability

This integrated robotic welding equipment includes torch cleaning, process monitoring and seam tracking to insure the highest quality of your weldments. With the high repeatability of a robotic welding process, your products can achieve unmatched uniformity and quality – whether you need 5 or 500 parts at a time.


Speed and Flexibility

With the robotic welding workcells, typical arc welding cycle times are less than half of manual welding operations. Once your part is programmed, the automated cell can efficiently run large and small lot sizes, based on your needs. Allow Skilcraft to speed your jobs through welding operations at an affordable cost, whether working in stainless steel, mild steel or aluminum.

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