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With Skilcraft assisting in your project, you can be assured that you will receive comprehensive support for the entire process. No matter the complexity or size of your projects, we have a team of capable experts ready to assist along your entire production schedule. It's about helping you produce the best possible product, quickly and economically.

 Let us help manage your part program, based on your manufacturing strategy. From beginning to end, you can utilize our team of manufacturing experts. From design and manufacturing, to delivery and quality control, we can improve your entire production cycle.

Tammy Martin

Tammy Martin

Aerospace Program / Account Manager

I have been at Skilcraft since the summer of 2012. Coming from 24 years of Toy Retail into manufacturing has been a definite learning process and it has offered many challenges to conquer. I always enjoyed the customer service aspect and this is the  key focus of this position.  I handle the order processing for NPI and any continued production orders.

I consider myself to be a liaison of means, communicating both with the customer and the Aerosapce team to ensure that the schedule requirements are met for both and at the time they are committed to. Coordinating with customers and Skilcraft from start to finish on new projects is one of my favorite tasks and even more so when we can complete items successfully for the customer to help them meet their goals and ours.

My proudest experience here was joining the Aerospace team in the very early stages of development. I enjoyed watching the division grow in quality, technology, new customers, and overall production capabilities. My second proudest moment would be GE awarding Skilcraft Aerospace the NPI Vendor of the Year 2014. To be recognized by the customer was a significant accomplishment for our team and we are very proud of it.

Outside of Skilcraft, I enjoy the outdoors in anyway shape or form, gardening, being with family and friends, and love my Bengals. Blue also runs through me for the UK Wildcats.

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